Not Living Such A Tarry Life?

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Blog, Pilates, Tidy Living


I have not been living a very tarry life lately. In rereading the “What is Tarrylife?” post I was like “Oh shoot” – I have been nothing if not busy, busy, busy, – a dirty word around here. Busy just means you’re not managing your time properly.

And time is always in short supply.

I’ve been running around like a chicken with her head cut off flinging myself from one thing to the next. Not living with intention, not taking up guitar, not taking long walks on the beach. Definitely not tarrying long enough to smell the flowers. Just trying to survive.

I’m trying to do too many things. I have a brick and mortar Pilates business, Phoenix Classical Pilates, that has taken a Herculean effort to get up and running smoothly these last ten months.

I have an online skincare business with Rodan + Fields which is a solid part-time gig that I love.

I’m still finishing my KonMari certification. I also have two kids with two different activity schedules. I just got elected treasurer of the PTA. I’m active on the alumnae council of my high school and organizing their holiday boutique fundraiser this year. I’m teaching three Pilates workshops in Seoul, Korea in December and have to research and prepare thoroughly for each.

I’m not telling you this to show how cool and accomplished I am. I’m actually really trying to figure it all out. Can I do all of this well? When I ponder taking the advice I’ve been given of doing one thing at a time, I just can’t.

It is sound advice – do one thing really well. Knock it out of the park. But when I think of only having a Pilates studio or only selling skincare or only being a KonMari consultant, my heart sinks. I don’t want to give up Phoenix Pilates, Rodan + Fields, Tarrylife or KonMari. I want to do it all. And I know I can. Maybe just not all at once.

I’m not willing to stop trying so I’m starting over. I know tarrying is vital to creating anything. You must carve out time to let your mind wander.

I now keep one day free a week to create, write, think, plan, whatever and this one thing has been an amazing game changer. Having one day to figure out what I want to do, dream, meditate, figure stuff out is what I craved and now it all seems possible.

Like the KonMari method, everything must have a place or a time. You can accomplish anything as long as you allot the time for it. Including exercise, date nights, starting two businesses and writing a blog while being active in your kids’ school.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Make a list of all the things you want to do. Put it on paper.
My list of things I want to do.
My list, not in order of importance- just all I want to get done!

2. See if there’s anything you can knock off the list. I’m putting my KonMari certification on the back burner for now and I’m fine with exercising 3-4 X a week instead of 5. Hey, it’s something!

3. Ask for help and delegate as much as possible. I have a partner at Phoenix Pilates who can help. My husband and I divide childcare duties as well as cooking. Since we already pared down the house tons and everything has a place, tidying up isn’t hard but it has to be done everyday and we have a lovely housekeeper who comes once a week. All of this helps to give me a little more time to focus on what I’m trying to accomplish in this short life.

4. So now you have your list of must do’s. Get out your calendar and put in all the stuff. Is it actually possible? For me, sometimes no. Write in your work schedule, your exercise schedule, your kid schedule and so on.

5. Plan, Plan, Plan then stick to it! Once it’s written down you’re more likely to do it but be realistic with how long things take!

6. Do your best and if you don’t do everything on your list? So what! Get up tomorrow, pour yourself a cup of coffee and start again.

You just need a little time and space and all is possible.

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