What is Tarry Life?


The question we’ve gotten the most since starting this site is, “What does Tarry mean?” An honest question, no doubt.

If you look it up in the dictionary, there are a few definitions. The word tarry means to pause, to stay in a place or moment. Our favorite definition is, to linger in expectation. 

Tarry Life is a philosophy that reminds women in their mid-forties and beyond to linger in the meaningful parts of their lives. In our post-Covid world, we are all trying to focus on what’s most important and we’ve all reassessed our priorities. We want to boil our lives down to the essential and give that our energy. 

We hope the word tarry becomes a touchstone for women to relish their lives as they age, to slow down and be present, but also not be afraid to write a whole new chapter two. And also? To have unabashed fun.

The four pillars of a Tarry Life are…

  1. Purge everything that’s not serving you. This is everything from habits, to friends, to stuff. 
  2. Move daily. 
  3. Pause and reflect with gratitude.
  4. Nourish yourself well–with good food, good company and good thoughts. 

Tarry Life means to live with intention. Do the things you want to do. Whatever that is. Make your life be exactly what you want it to be; (not what your partner, children, parents, friends, boss and beyond wants it to be).

We are building a community of women who have life experience under their belts. We are all rediscovering ourselves as we enter a certain age range. Maybe you are newly divorced, or just became an empty-nester, or maybe you’re 49 and still have elementary age kids, but you’re beginning a whole new career. Or kids were never on the agenda and you’ve decided to chuck it all and travel the world for a year.

Your Tarry Life will look different from everyone else’s, but that is part of the fun. It will, however, have in common that you take the best care of yourself and you listen to your inner voice and you are present in this life. 

We have such a short time on earth, as most of us have discovered through living and loss. How do you want to spend your days? What do you want your life to look like? 

How do you want to Tarry?

Come tarry with us!

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