Mom’s Turn by Jennika Ingram

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Blog, Parenthood

I want to share a parenting book by Jennika Ingram. It’s her debut book called Mom’s Turn: A journal for the first year of motherhood and stories to stay empowered. It comes out TODAY, September 25th on Good Day, Sacramento! And I’m featured in it!

The book is written by Venice Beach resident, journalist and friend, Jennika Ingram. Jennika interviewed mothers ages 21 to 47 across North America (me being one of them:) about being a new mom and what they wish they knew. I wish I had this book seven years ago when I had my first baby!

She balances the journal out with humor, checklists, and a place to color. It’s available online at and if you choose the option for local pick-up (it will be delivered anywhere in the Venice area for free, you just have to sure to input your address). The introductory online price is $20 USD and it’s $22.95 in limited stores. Did I mention that I’m featured in it?

Check out Jennika on social @momsturnjournal or here

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