In Defense Of My Pick Up

Dec 11, 2016 | Blog, Green Living

I’ve gotten flack for buying a huge “gas guzzling” pick up truck. I know it seems like an odd choice for people trying to live a green life in Venice. Our last car was a sixteen year old Prius. We don’t use plastic. I put those fruits and vegetables right in the cart then deposit them in reusable bags when I get home. Our trash cans don’t have plastic bags lining them. I think tiny plastic water bottles should be illegal. We mostly cloth diapered our babies. We compost. We have rain barrels to gather the nonexistent SoCal rain. We don’t even use paper towels! Yeah, we’re pretty much better than you.

We bought a brand new Ford F-150 instead of an older and much cheaper model for its Eco Boost engine which Ford says can achieve about 30% better fuel efficiency and has 15% fewer greenhouse emissions. Also, the aluminum body is much lighter than earlier models thus uses less gas. We end up getting close to 20 miles per gallon which is the same as my old Kia!

Alan looking tough with the truck.

So why have this monster truck?  You wouldn’t believe how much stuff you can fit in the bed! I’ve always had a small car so it’s a revelation to throw my bike, hell, three bikes in the back- no problem. Boogie boards, surf boards, a double stroller – plenty of room to spare.

The kids horsing around in the truck bed.

I used to disparage people who drove big trucks or SUVs as people who don’t give a toss about the environment. Now here I am, Earth lover and truck lover! I’m not going to lie, I love driving that truck so much. Maybe since I am a small woman I love being so high up. If some little car wants to cut me off or try to go first at a four-way stop I’m like ‘Oh yeah, you wanna go?’ Not great for someone with road rage, I suppose.

The real reason I wanted a giant pick up truck is….to haul a trailer! We don’t have one yet but it’s one of my life goals. In the last couple years we’ve taken a bunch of road trips and have either camped, stayed in motels or rented a RV. We found that the people in the know have trailers.

With a trailer you never have to unpack. It’s like taking a little hotel room around with you!  You can unhitch and take side trips. If you’re in a huge motor home or RV (unless you trail your car) you’re attached to the thing even if you need a quart of milk at the store.

So, do my otherwise environmentally friendly habits justify driving a huge pick up truck? I going to say yes. It isn’t a gas guzzler and even if it was we don’t drive it very much. Between the three cars we used to have we guzzle the same, if not less gas as before. I love being above everybody else – on the road, that is and we need it to haul our shiny Airstream (someday, #goals). So there.


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