Everybody Needs A Teacher. Especially A Teacher

Jun 2, 2021 | Blog, Pilates

Everyone needs a teacher for two reasons.

One for correct alignment and form.

Two, just to do the damn thing!

I need to be pushed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had an hour off and I lie down on the Reformer with the best of intentions but after about 9 minutes I start to think of the other things I have to do. I should check my email or make that call or look, the trash can is almost full. Are those crumbs? I should vacuum. Anything to avoid Knee Stretches.

And I’m a Pilates teacher!

I have to admit to you, my main motivation for seeing a teacher is to have someone make me do all the reps of all the exercises full out and keep moving for an hour. 

Bridge pose on the Cadillac

Trish Garland challenging me in full bridge.

Of course I also see my teacher to learn something and stay on track with proper alignment. I just filmed myself doing a Reformer workout for my YouTube channel and I was a little dismayed by how off my hips were in Side Splits. That’s a super hard exercise on one spring but in a private or duet session, the teacher would’ve adjusted me. Even though I’ve been practicing Pilates for 25 years and a teacher for 22, I still need a teacher. And so do you.

I encourage my clients to be independent in Pilates – learn the spring, bar and head piece settings, the order, transitions and the names of exercises so they can workout on their own. But everyone can still use another set of eyes and hands on them for placement, encouragement and to push them to their limit that day.

teaching the reformer

I teach all day long and there’s nothing more relaxing than handing the reins to be lead by another teacher. I love the anonymity of a big group class or the focus of a private session. Either way I will always want a live teacher guiding me and correcting me in real time.

I have a couple work-arounds though to get good results when your teacher isn’t available. One is to set a timer for the amount of time you want to work out and not let yourself stop until that timer goes off.

Another good one is, grab a friend and workout together. When I ask another teacher to do advanced reformer with me I get through it with much more ease because we egg each other on.

Or I’ll find the length of workout I want to do on Pilatesology with one of my favorite teachers and press play. I almost feel like I’m getting a private session.

A self practice is a rewarding habit that I encourage for all but to get optimum results from your workouts, invest in yourself by investing in a great teacher.

No matter your level or experience, everybody needs a teacher.

The End.

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