Three a Week, the Magic #

Aug 27, 2020 | Blog, Pilates

I haven’t been practicing what I preach.

I tell my clients to come to class three times a week to get the results they want – A strong tummy, flexible legs, great posture, less lower back pain. Just being able to move through the world with ease!

Many follow my advice and they reap the benefits of a strong, balanced body. They’ve reported all sorts of good things.

One client said she feels so energized after class. She knows she just did something healthy for her body “like a shot of vitamins straight to the spine!”

Others have told me about dodging bad things.

One got in a little fender bender and thought his back and neck would be all jacked up but it wasn’t. Most likely due to his Pilates practice.

Another tripped and fell down the last couple stairs and although she broke her fourth toe, she didn’t completely throw her back out. Pilates works to keep your body strong and healthy even when things go wrong.

So why aren’t I doing the magic number of three sessions a week?! I think I’ve tricked myself into thinking I’m doing that much. I do lead an active lifestyle. I bike to the studio three times a week so I, at least get 24 miles/week of cycling in. I demonstrate some exercises in the classes I teach plus I’ll always do something on the apparatus since I’m lucky enough to have them available.

But it’s not the same as doing the work of three full sessions a week. I can pretend it is. I can fake it. But I haven’t been actually doing the work.

As a studio owner and teacher to many motivated people I must hold myself accountable. If I’m telling you guys to get your butts to class. I gotta show up too!

I just finished a full on advanced Reformer workout. I did all of it – Snake/Twist, Balance Control, Long Spine Massage, all the splits. I’m going to feel it later.

My plan is to do one full 50 minute session on my own, one private with one of my teachers and one group class. You can hold me to it! And I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Pre-Covid days, working out with Trish Garland. Man, I miss going to a studio!

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