The 3 C’s of Successful Gift Giving!

Dec 16, 2017 | Blog, Green Living


Christmas really is my favorite time of year. I love decorating our (fake) tree, hanging twinkly lights, using my beautiful Christmas china and opening the advent calendar. I love the music, the cheer and the cozy nights watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas. I become a kid again and I just love it.

My beautiful Christmas China.



I still get a little anxious this time of year about all the stuff coming my way. I don’t want to sound like an ingrate – I do not expect to receive any presents and anyone who presents me with one will receive my thanks and gratitude. But as a KonMari enthusiast with a tiny home I am very particular about what comes in. I now follow the golden rule of shopping – give onto others as you would have them give onto you. (?)

Unless you know someone’s taste very well, say your bff, your spouse or child, stick to the three C’s of shopping: CASH, gift CARD or CONSUMABLE. You cannot go wrong!

Let’s start with cash. Unless the giftee is a multi-millionaire everyone could use a little extra cash around the holidays. Rule of thumb – If they are in the service industry, they can use more cash. Trust me. This article in Town & Country nails it.

I believe cash is the most efficient, fail proof gift and Time magazine agrees with me. Joel Waldfogel, author of Scroogenomics writes, “Typically, we buy things for ourselves that are worth more to us (or at least equal) than the dollar figure on the price tag. Christmas gift giving undermines all of that reason, since you have to guess at what people want, and it’s a total leap in the dark as to how much the recipient values whatever you decide on. The gift you get them might cost you $100 but end up being worth nothing to them at all.”

If you’re against cold hard cash, the next best option is a gift CARD. If you don’t know their tastes at all go with Amazon. Or if you often see them with a coffee cup in their hands – go with Peets or Coffee Bean. Whole Foods, Target and Trader Joe’s are also good choices. My husband gets mad at me when I make blanket statements but no one on Earth would be mad at an Amazon gift card. I’m just sayin.

Delicious homemade pies from Tiny and Gin!

Next is CONSUMABLE: baked goods, chocolate, a nice bottle of wine, a lovely soap or lotion. Things you eat, drink or use up and throw away are good options.

In summary, your trainer, nanny, tutor, colorist, bikini waxer, school teacher, mailman would appreciate cash. If that is against your beliefs make it a gift card or something delicious and luscious that they devour and throw away. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah!

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